Online Guitar Lessons

Jazz and Rock Guitar Lessons via Skype & Correspondence

Online Guitar Tuition – Classic and Modern Guitar Styles

These online guitar lessons are for players seeking to progress to a higher level of musical understanding and instrumental performance.

You can now study guitar in thorough and inspirational teaching sessions via Skype video calling or correspondence lessonsOnline Guitar Lessons offers the serious guitar student or working professional a unique learning experience built entirely around each player’s individual requirements – and is backed up by 25 years of professional music industry and conservatoire teaching experience. Find out more by clicking the various image links below.

Rock and Blues Guitar Lessons

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Learn Rock and Blues guitar styles ranging from the work of the great Blues masters right through to Classic and Modern Rock styles. Soloing, rhythm guitar styles and improving your time and ‘feel’. Study classic songs and solos and the playing approaches of the greats.

Jazz and Fusion Guitar Lessons

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Online guitar lessons covering Jazz and Fusion styles and techniques. Chordal accompaniment, single-line improvisation and learning standards. A thorough and intensive approach to really understanding the principles of great Jazz and Fusion guitar playing.

Lesson Packages and Details

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Full details of all the available online guitar lessons including packages and pricing. Everything from single Skype guitar lessons through to discounted packages for longer term study. Custom packages also available upon request. Skype 1-1 and video correspondence available.

Student Testimonials

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Various student testimonials and music industry reviews of Online Guitar Lessons. Read what other guitar students and also experienced music professionals thought of the Skype guitar lessons before you make your own decision about beginning lessons.

Free Guitar Lessons

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100% Free Guitar Lessons. Using many of the methods and concepts from the full version Skype and correspondence lesson packages, these free lessons include PDF files with tab and regular notation. Many lessons also include free HQ backing tracks and demonstration recordings. Check them out and see for yourself.

Jazz & Fusion Guitar Books

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Jazz and Fusion guitar books available now from Amazon. These books offer melodic lines and technical exercises designed especially for the Jazz or Fusion guitarist seeking to expand their improvisational vocabulary within Bebop and Fusion guitar styles. Amazon 5 Star* ratings.